About Us

A music educational website the offers insights and lesson from master musicians from all over the world.

Veronica Nunn - Founder
Travis Shook - Founder

Our Story

Our performing around the world has given us amazing opportunities to perform and collaborate with musicians whose influences originate from the very culture that they were born into. travels around the world and playing with

This unique experience prompted us to think about a music education website that would feature lessons from these amazing musicians. Our goal is to offer as many diverse and cultural music lesson taught by musicians from various cultural backgrounds and ethnicity.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

We are excited to have these prolific musicians contributing to our site and assisting you in becoming more proficient and unique performers.

Veronica Nunn

Vocalist-songwriter, musician, arranger, producer, podcast hostess

Travis Shook

Pianist, composer, arranger, producer.

Prof. Deviana Daudsjah

Prof. Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah, Pianist, composer, arranger, educator, vocalist.

Renick Turley

Videographer, cinematographer, photographer, editor, musician.

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