Vocal Lessons

This section was designed for the private students of Veronica Nunn.  In this section, we will be providing exercises, tips, and education around the execution of singing and performance. Our goal is to provide quality effective exercises that will improve your ear, breathing, intonation, duration, intensity, and rhythm as well as sharing insights into how to be more dynamic in your performance and building your career as a vocalist.

From this page, you can access exercises based on the musical tone register1 . The use of musical terminology is supported by footnotes (both inside text and bottom of the page) that explains what those terms mean. In some case, the information will be contained in the footnote at other times you will be directed to external sites that give details explanation.

Thank you for being a part of V’s learning experience and as always feel free to email or to call Veronica if you have any questions.



  1. what is a register. Click here.
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