This section provides you with the exercise dedicated to helping improve one’s instrument technically and in the performance arena. They are designed to deal with¬†some of the basic key components that are needed to get you on your way to understanding Jazz or any vocal singing.

Through exercises and eventually demonstrate using videos, I’ll cover the five essential properties to tone:

  • pitch,
  • timbre,
  • duration,
  • intensity
  • and sonance.

There are hundreds of instructors, instructional videos, school and academies that have an exact curriculum around these points. These are here to give you an understanding of the basics, the foundation on which we develop our vocal talents. If you are able to pursue more training, it is always a good idea to do so.

Breathing Exercises

Vocalizing Exercises

The Basics

Interval Ear Training

Sing these intervals and identify what they are. Answers are found in answer guide in link below this section.

Scales in Intervals Ascending Chromatically. You can practice this exercise in any key, but I’ve provide you three key ranges.

Duration – singing a tone, holding the pitch for a number of counts. This section whole notes are played, you sing the note and hold if for the count of the clicks.

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