Key of A Major

Learning scales in intervals - ascends chromatically

A2 to A3:  2 note – 8 note scales

This sections has mp3 samples exercise starting with 2 note scale continuing all the way through to 8 note scale (octave). In the diagram of the 88 Key Piano Keyboard, notice the red brackets. This brackets indicates the musical tone register.

These exercises uses the diatonic1scale (five whole steps and two half steps)  and ascends chromatically2. This is what the abbreviation NSC means. For example, 2NSC means – 2 note diatonic scale, ascending chromatically.

Sing these using the syllables of A, E, I, O, Oooo. For example: Go through the entire two note exercise using first the syllable A (pronounced ay, like in day). Repeat exercise, this time using the syllable E (pronounced ee,  like in meet). Repeat exercise this time using the syllable I (pronounced eye). Repeat, this time using syllable O (pronounced oh,). Repeat, this time using syllable OOO (pronounce ou, link in you). Do this with  3 notes, 4 notes, etc. exercises.

To play the mp3 just click on the blue arrow.

Music Notation for sight reading


  1. what is a diatonic scale. Click here.
  2. what is a chromatic scale. Click here.
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