Thomas Cherwin Song Practice Page

This page contains all mp3 songs and mp3 vocal exercises created for your practice. The songs are created in Band In A Box and the exercise are created in Finale. I’ve also provided a basic chart  and lyrics for each of the songs. They are list below the each mp3.

All The Things You Are with 8 bar Intro - 150 BPM Key of G [3xs]

I Can't Give You Anything But Love with 8 bar Intro - 95 BPM Key of F [3xs]

Way You Look Tonight with 8 bar Intro - 130 BPM Key of C [3xs]

On the Sunny Side of the Street with 8 bar Intro - 141 BPM Key of B flat [3xs]

Straight No Chaser with 4 bar Intro - 170 BPM Key of F [7xs]

Surrey With The Fringe On The Top with 8 bar Intro - 99 BPM Key G [3xs]

This Can't Be Love with 8 bar Intro - 189 BPM Key of F [4xs]

Until I Met You [Corner Pocket] with 8 bar Intro - 115 BPM Key of C [3xs]

What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life with 8 bar Intro - 65 BPM Key of A [2xs]

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